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Schools in Uganda

Find Ugandan schools from this leading schools directory. Schools in Uganda have been categorized by type as well as location. Search for a school by simply typing the school name on the search box below and press search button.
You can also search by choosing the relevant category link in the categories section. School contact information as well as alumni details can be accessed from school details page

School Name   15078 schools found.

School Categories

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Special Schools

School NameLocation
Kyamisango Primary SchoolKiryanga
Kyabakaire Primary SchoolNabukalu
Kyambogho Agape Baptist Primary SchoolKarambi
Kyamuling Public SchoolBukuya
Kyarusozi Brillant Primary SchoolKyarusozi
Kyanyarale Primary SchoolMuhorro
Kyamatongo Preparatory Primary SchoolKabwohe
Kyamukonda Infant Primary SchoolNabiswera
Kyambogo Parents SchoolKakooge
Kyani Nyanza Primary SchoolBumanya
Kyanja Junior Primary SchoolNakawa
Kyamugugu Orthodox Primary SchoolBukuya
Kyandera Primary SchoolKabingo
Kyantonde Primary SchoolBitereko
Kyandamwoyo Primary SchoolKimengo
Kyajura Primary SchoolKanyantorogo
Kyabuyorwa Primary SchoolKayonza
Kyaliwajjala Umea Primary SchoolKira
Kyasa Gloriousrer Primary SchoolNamayumba
Kyampisi Primary SchoolBagezza
Kyanya Cou Primary SchoolKayunga
Kyayaaye Rc Primary SchoolBusaana
Kyamutunzi Primary SchoolNyankwanzi
Kyakatwire Primary SchoolNyantungo
Kyarusozi Primary SchoolKyarusozi
Kyankaramata Primary SchoolKihuura
Kyakayombya Primary SchoolButiiti
Kyabaranga Primary SchoolBugaaki
Kyakahirwa Primary SchoolBufunjo
Kyanyinoburo Primary SchoolHapuuyo
Kyanyambali Primary SchoolHapuuyo
Kyabenda Primary SchoolKahunge
Kyanika Primary School,NamugangaNamuganga
Kyamuganga Primary SchoolMateete
Kyabwamba Primary SchoolLwebitakuli
Kyabi Primary SchoolLugusulu
Kyamabogo Muslim Primary SchoolLugusulu
Kyamabogo Church Of Uganda Primary SchoolLugusulu
Kyakacunda Primary SchoolLwemiyaga
Kyakatono Primary SchoolNakitoma
Kyamuyingo Primary SchoolWabinyonyi
Kyangogolo Primary SchoolNabiswera
Kyadobo Primary SchoolNabiswera
Kyamukonda Primary SchoolNabiswera
Kyamukama Infant Primary SchoolNabiswera
Kyakadoko Primary SchoolWabinyonyi
Kyawakaata Primary SchoolLwampanga
Kyalusaka Primary SchoolKalongo
Kyanika Primary School,KakoogeKakooge
Kyambogo Buruuli SchoolKakooge

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