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Schools in Uganda

Find Ugandan schools from this leading schools directory. Schools in Uganda have been categorized by type as well as location. Search for a school by simply typing the school name on the search box below and press search button.
You can also search by choosing the relevant category link in the categories section. School contact information as well as alumni details can be accessed from school details page

School Name   14511 schools found.

School Categories

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Public Secondary schools International Preparatory Senior
Special Schools

School NameLocation
Kisharira Primary SchoolKikagati
Kishuro Primary SchoolBirere
Kisawayi Primary SchoolBumwoni
Kisekura Primary SchoolKiryandongo
Kisindizi Public Primary SchoolPakanyi
Kisiabi Primary School Buliisa
Kisansya Primary SchoolBuliisa
Kisalizi Primary SchoolBwijanga
Kisosso Muslim Primary SchoolKingo
Kisekka Primary SchoolKisekka
Kisitula Primary SchoolLwabenge
Kisaana Primary SchoolKyamulibwa
Kisa Infant Kyabiili Primary SchoolKibinge
Kisaabwa Primary SchoolButenga
Kisebere Primary SchoolKitholu
Kisabu Primary SchoolKitholu
Kisinga Primary SchoolKisinga
Kisolholho Primary SchoolKarambi
Kisadhaki Primary SchoolKisozi
Kisozi D/c Primary SchoolKisozi
Kiseege Primary SchoolNabwigulu
Kisaikye I.f.c Primary SchoolKidera
Kisaakye Primary SchoolRubaga
Kisa Primary School,Rubaga Rubaga
Kisaasi Quran Primary SchoolNakawa
Kiswa Primary School,NakawaNakawa
Kisuule Primary School,NakawaNakawa
Kisugu Central Primary SchoolMakindye
Kisugu Cou Primary SchoolMakindye
Kisa Nursery & Primary SchoolMakindye
Kisaasi Primary SchoolKawempe
Kisenyi Infant Primary SchoolKampala
Kishaki Primary SchoolMuko
Kisibo Primary SchoolRubaya
Kisaasa Primary SchoolKamuganguzi
Kisima Ii Island Primary SchoolWalukuba
Kisiro Primary SchoolBulange
Kisambo Primary SchoolKiziranfumbi
Kisiiha Primary SchoolBuhimba
Kiseke Primary SchoolKitoba
Kishenyi Central SchoolKitagata
Kisiizi Primary SchoolKiyanga
Kisharu Primary SchoolKaterera
Kisonko Primary SchoolNduguto
Kirowooza Primary SchoolGoma
Kiryanga Modern Primary SchoolNtara
Kirangazi Primary SchoolWattuba
Kirambi Junior Star SchoolMitooma
Kiribedda Primary School,KabulasokeKabulasoke
Kirima Parents School,Kanungu Kanungu

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